Shuklacharya’s Retreat  Centre

Founded by yogis in 2003′, Shuklacharya’s Retreat Centre, is the only retreat in the world built on seven step terraces for the seven chakras!! An inspired space that is designed according to specifications in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Ayurveda texts and ancient Vaastu design principles, it is a registered tourism facility since 2004′ under Govt. of Uttarakhand’s Sarai Act & has been well received by westerners over the years.

FAR (Facilitating Authentic Retreats) Colorado USA has a tie up of this centre to book their clienteles’ retreats here.

Nestled in the lower Himalayas at Bhimtal, Shuklacharya’s Retreat  Centre,  offers a stunning panoramic view of the mountains of Karkotak in the North, the ancient Gargi River in the south, and the majestic pyramid mount Haidakhan Kailash in the east. Thus making for a spectacular view, with the vibrations enthralling the guest. The retreat is about a kilometer from Bheemeshwar Mahadeva Temple, considered one of the 12 Shiva Jyotirlings in India.

To nurture body, mind and spirit. Shuklacharya’s Retreat Centre, is  a full of powerful vibrations authentic retreat. The resort is designed as a traditional ethnic  retreat allowing for modern comforts.

Shuklacharya’s Retreat Centre,  has  been featured in flattering words by highly respected publications and websites.

The yogis, who own Shuklacharya’s Retreat  Centre, namely Shuklas, have offered their decades of experience to enrich the lives of yoga enthusiasts and spiritual seekers at their resort for many years. While they still share their knowledge on a personal level, they have opted to remove themselves from teaching now, but prefer only to facilitate retreats by others, so that they may benefit from the pre existing vibrations, nurtured and preserved by the Shuklas.

Therefore the Shuklas  facilitate exclusive, memorable retreats in exotic surroundings. The Shuklas believe that if a person gets an opportunity to breathe in the  powerful vibrations of their centre, without pressure of and from their environment, then that itself works as a destressing, rejuvenative and invigorating therapy.,

Shuklacharya’s Retreat  Centre has in its proximity, highly picturesque off beat walks and drives amidst vibrant surrounding mountains .