guests said …

Valerie Moselle – Santa Cruz ” USA

Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, near Bhimtal is both lovely, and conducive to health and wellness. I was fortunate enough to spend a few comfortable days there with my family. We received Ayurvedic massage treatments, complimentary tea brewed from Tulsi grown just outside our rooms, and served delicious Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre meals. A memorable highlight was the traditional fire ceremony at dusk.

Whether a student of yoga, or a traveler looking for a unique and restful experience in India, I highly recommend  Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre.

Moselle Valerie

Audrey Harris, an entrepreneur from Paris France.

I was looking for a retreat in Himalaya on Google while i found Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre and i really thank Google to help me find it !

Staying at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre is a real moment in life !

The place is as simple and cosy as could be. Rooms are perfectly clean and comfortable and the food very tasty and healthy. I drank every day the amazing ginger and lemon tea prepared for guest.

The hosts and the staff are amazing, kind and very careful to your comfort. I enjoyed the very non-commercial way of teaching yoga through the practice of postures as much as the way of life.

Having facing the sun and mountain is just a perfect moment. I highly recommend Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre to every one who wants to have a retreat.

Audrey Harris, an entrepreneur from Paris France.

“Authentic and Genuine” by Deborah Baker Austin Texas

19 December 2013 

Don’t hesitate to visit this rare and beautiful place! It was my great pleasure to be part of a 4 month long study of yoga and ayruvedic principles/philosophy about two and a half years ago and I still live with and grow from my experiences at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre every day!

Shukl’acharya, the owner and my teacher during my stay has such dedication, knowledge and insight. It was through his quidance and wisdom that I was able to find/gain the tools necessary to further my spiritual and personal growth. This has led to effective, positive and lasting changes in my life for which I do not have enough words of gratitude.

The accommodations are more than generous and the staff is eager to please. The resort has been thoughtfully engineered to provide privacy, peacefulness and magestic views of the mountains and sunrise from each room and balcony. I still miss the healthy Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre meals that were so well prepared every day.

I have no doubt that Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre means different things to different people. I saw a number of people visit for various needs and they all seemed to be well accomodated. It seems to be one of those amazing places that provides just the experience you are looking for when you need it.

For me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that far exceeded my expectations. I will forever have a deep fondness, appreciation and respect for Shukl’acharya and his benevolent wife Samrita – for the knowledge and wisdom they so generously shared and for the comfortable and nurturing surroundings they and their staff provided during my stay.
I feel incredibly fortunate to have visited and participated in studies at this most blessed place.

Deborah Baker Austin Texas USA

“A Wonderfully Relaxing and Healthful Retreat” Mercedes Pepper New York USA

Reviewed 19 January 2014

If you want to truly relax from your life’s daily chaos, and/or simply immerse yourself in yoga and an ayruvedic lifestyle, Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre Resort is the perfect place.

I was fortunate enough to spend a month studying traditional hatha yoga and ayruveda while at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, and this time was not only enlightening but magnificent.

Shukl’acharya is a superb yoga and spiritual teacher and his wife Samrita is fabulous to learn ayruvedic principles and cooking from (every meal

I had was delicious and nutritious). They are an incredibly sweet and welcoming couple, who add the personal touch that leaves you with a specialized and everlasting experience.

I came to study yoga, and I’m so glad I choose Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre because my time was personalized and I was not in a more commercial course (many I know of only teach the surface, one right way, and despite them teaching yoga true sincerity can lack). I use the knowledge gained from Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre daily and I certainly hope I can return again.

In addition, not only are the teachers and staff top-notch, the picturesque setting couldn’t get any better to explore in your free time or gaze upon from your terrace.

(I traveled in February 2013, but in actuality it was May 2011. Two and a half years later, I still reflect on my exceptional time at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, which encouraged me to write this review in 2014).

Mercedes Pepper New York USA

Dmitry & Elena Riman Management & Design professionals from Russia

My wife and I visited Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in June 2013. The main reason, why we were searching for such a place, was the great wish to get some answers for life questions.

It is not enough to say, that these two weeks were wonderful. “Wonderful” is not enough. This period was very much useful, it was “opening eye” period. Shukl’acharya gave us an opportunity to learn the “science of life and yourself” in all its aspects. We ate very “correct” food – vegetarian, tasty, different, but without overpowering flavours.

We practiced yoga – each of us different postures, because every person has his own state of body and mind; we had Ayurvedic massage; we studied and tried different meditation and breathing techniques, which, I hope, will help us a lot in the future.

But most of all we studied balanced life, life without high ups and downs, life with divine consciousness inside yourself. And I can’t imagine better person to lead you through such a life than Shukl’acharya.

Moreover I should mention all the staff, all people, who work in this ashram. They were very attentive, very kind for us and helped our stay problem free and took care of all our needs.

The place itself is very well located, you can enjoy the mountain views from veranda. It is quite and vibrant. Unlike many other places in India, here you do not have to think about the hygiene and security matters, but can focus on what you came for.

So, if you are looking for a quiet and clean place, where you can get as much new information and knowledge, as you can from the person, who really knows life and divine, Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre is for you.

Thanks a lot, Shukl’acharya and all people of Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre!!! We hope to come back soon.


Dmitry & Elena Riman

Adela Barcia Santa Barbara California USA April 2013
My experience at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre was extremely special. I found the accomodation and the food to be very comfortable and felt very supportive to my health and well being.
Our hosts were both gracious and helpful to any needs that came up. They presented an opportunity alos to learn about their heritage, culture and deep spiritual understanding. I feel most grateful for all they offered.
With love and light

Adela Barcia

Adela Barcia

Julie & Francois Gerland from France
Julie & Francois Gerland from France were here conducting a divine mother mediatation retreat in April 2013
A truly inspiriation place where everything is done to offer a true moment of enjoyment and peace to the guests.
Genuine care and spiritual values hsow in every detail. The delicious food is prepared consciously and the staff is outstandingly friendly.
The hosts, whose care, attention and willingness to share the treasures of their soul is a blessing for every visitor.
Thank you very much to everyone at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre.


International group led by Julie & Francois Gerland

Melissa Rees – banker from New South Wales Australia came in March 2013 for 200 hours YTT
Dear Shukl’acharya and Samrita,
I would like to thank you both for making my learning adventure so beautiful.
I never thought that I would learn so much in my one month stay. You both have taught me so many things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and hopefully teach to my friends and family.
You and your staff are so warm, welcoming and kind. I have now found a new appreciation for food, lifestyle and health. I hope to create my own little ‘Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre’ in my home.
Thank you again and bye for now. (I’ll be back)

Melissa Rees

Maja Micevska from Strumica Macedonia

I came to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in October 2012. to the beginning of a great journey..

My stay here was six weeks. For that time I had great opportunity and fortune to begin my path of yoga. As time passed,so I learned more and more about asanas,philosophy of yoga ,meditation.At the same time learned and enjoyed everyday with yoga.Before coming to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre I had a little fear,but my intuition said that Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre was the right place.I got more than I expected.

A place where you feel just positive vibrations, joyful faces, calm, love, happiness,and safe atmosphere. All you need here is to relax and enjoy life’s harmony. You have the chance to discover more of yourself,to increase the faith, to develop a strong inner dimension and to be happy and grateful about life.

With time here I felt like I’m home,like I was here before,Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Himalaya definitely became my second home. In just a short time one knows what it is to to feel divine,to feel life in full. In one moment I felt that everything here is magical. Feeling like I dreamed with open eyes.

There is a wonderful view from Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Himalaya ,a lot of beautiful peaks ,everything  green and vivid, awesome morning sunrise, a touching sunshines. All day and night I heard a beautiful nature songs from birds and thousand crickets,they did the best nature music for soul,song which touch u. Special place full with positive energy.

My teacher Shukl’acharya and Samrita are wonderful people.I’m so grateful and happy to God who allowed me to meet them. Happy because “fell” here,and learn about yoga,wisdom,humanity,spirituality,about life from my teacher. The both I felt like part of me,like family. Always for everything  they were here.They are a pair  full with  peace,joy,wisdom,understanding,love and education. Thanks to them for my change in life.

Everyone from staff was very kind,good and everytime on service.Rooms were very comfortable,clean and harmony.

Ayurveda vegetarian food was very delicious ,for me new different cousine ,what I’ll never forget. I ate with joy,enjoyed in every cooked piece. Desserts from Samrita were perfectly,so sweet what you wish more from one :).

Here I had chance to attend on fire ceremony followed with meditations,one wonderful experience. Everything what happened here help me to open my heart ,and most of all to feel life state of happiness which start and never stops..

It was awesome experience for me,and to everyone who wants to gain with new views of  life ,new feeling, or be part of the yoga fraternity I deeply reccomend this place. Actually if you read this ,you are meant to be here (so was I) 

For me that was the piece of my life puzzle,which one now is completly and constant.

Thanks a lot for everything to my teacher Shukl’acharya and Samrita,and people around them.I know that I’ll come back for sure here.

Best regards


Maya (Maja Micevska)


Maja Micevska

Margarita Vergara international transpersonal art therapist, hatha yoga teacher and writer stayed with her partner Michael Schmidt, mechanical engineer from Germany, for 6 weeks in April and May 2012
This place is to me a portal for humanity. I came here with my partner to reconnect and deepen our yoga-asana practice and knowledge.
I am deeply grateful for what happened in these 6 weeks. I feel I grounded myself, coming back to reality. At all times I felt looked after and safe. As a couple it was a great experience, we shared the learning of a language/code together. (webmaster’s note – by language/ code, she refers to the spiritual communication)
In a very simple and human way, Samrita and Shukl’acharya gave us everything we needed at the time. Personally, I was full of fear when I arrived to the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, and by the time I left I was in balance. And thats a lot to say.

The food was incredibly amazing, the room beautiful and harmonic, the staff polite and friendly, and the teachings eye opening and enlightening. The place is easy to access, we took a train from Delhi and we had a taxi (arranged by the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre) waiting for us at the train station. But you can also get a taxi from the airport.
Words really dont make up for it, but they give a hint. In few words> my heart opened with this experience.
I am happy to be contacted by anyone wanting to come to the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, just ask Shukl’acharya and Samrita for my email.
Michael Schmidt mechanical engineer Germany May 2012
Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre is an ashram of rather surprising comfort.
The place has been built with a lot of love and detail to support the well being point of focus.
Rooms are equipped with everything you need and well designed to create a warm atmosphere. There is house keeping which allows you to really focus on what you came for without getting distracted. Ayurvedic food is personally chosen to suit your body constitution and focused to support an even mind and light body.

Margarita Vergara

Aditi Banerjee Corporate Tax Lawyer New York stayed for 4 weeks in Oct 2011
I whole heartedly recommend a visit to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre for anyone looking for a aptly named wellness holiday, yoga / Ayurveda therapy, a beautiful tranquil and spiritually restorative Himalayan holiday.; a yoga meditation retreat, self discovery and / or discovery of the ancient wisdom and knowledge systems at the root of Indo Vedic Hindu civilizations and traditions.
Everything at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre has been meticulously and thoughtfully designed to be conducive to one’s physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual well being – from the sacred location to the food, the disciplines and routines that are observed faithfully, the natural beauty all around, the every need and convenience is taken care of, so that one can focus on the higher things in life and most of all the tremendous amount of energy, compassion and tapas/ spiritual power poured into the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre by Shukl’acharya and Samrita.
What distinguishes Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre from many other places dedicated to Ayurveda / yoga healing is the tremendous amount of sattwa that is generated and flowing here, which makes Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre especially conducive as a place for retreat and healing. It is really like a rishi ashram from the days of yore and in addition to everything else a gurukul where one can learn gems from the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayan Masters.
Whether one comes to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre for a few days, a few weeks, or even months, one will certainly derive great benefits in every dimension of life. It is a rare opportunity in this day and age to be able to visit such a place and I urge you to try it for yourself .

Aditi Banerjee

Ruben Jara- Hotel Mangement San Diego California USA

I came to the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in July of 2011 for a four month spiritual retreat.

With little words possible…it has been a life changing experience. I have learned, felt, and discovered so much about spirituality, health, nutrition, yoga postures, meditation, and most importantly the balance of earth and space (by this I mean the balance between your duty on this earth and to the universe or “god”).

For those who are interested in attending Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, I highly recommend it

As the spiritual teacher says, you arrive there because you were meant to be there. And, I personally agree. It is a whirlwind of new knowledge and appreciation to life.

This place is run by an amazing and very educated Indian couple.

It is a safe location, secure and safe transportation can be facilitated from Delhi, the location is on a great hillside in the Himalayan mountains on the outskirts of a quaint lake town. But what is at best is the retreat center…it holds amazing nurturing energies and vibrations if you allow to open yourself.

One thing to remember, it is a foreign developing country. luxury and serenity is a different experience and perception for us modern westerners. If attending this amazing place…I recommend an open mind and heart to everything and everyone. You will not be disappointed. Namaskaar


Ruben Jara

Kim Pihl August 2011 The owner of The Farm Yoga and Wellness Centre – New Hampshire

The experience I had at the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre was very good for me.   I felt cared for and safe there.  Samrita and Shukl’acharya are wonderful and full of knowledge.   I enjoyed their company ,had nice talks, and outings together.   The staff was attentive and polite .  The food was good. There was always plenty to eat with occasional sweets and special requests. My room was neat and clean with a balcony to sit outside and enjoy the sounds and sights of the Hymalayas 

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering a visit. []

Kim Pihl

Agnese & Yves Vander Velde European Commission Brussels 14h to 17th November 2010

We spent only three days in this gorgeous place.

The food was absolutely delicious, naturally prepared without much oil or spices, and no onion or garlic. We enjoyed every little bit of it. We learnt a lot about Ayurvedic lifestyle from Samrita & Shukl’acharya, the founders of Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre. Both took very good care of us and we felt like at home.

I recommend this place, Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, to everyone who wants to find their inner peace and experience a beautiful part of India.

Agnese has been kind enough to allow use of her email id for those wishing to confirm this or in case they would like to ask them any questions. agnese.brence(@ )

Agnese & Yves Vander Velde

Monica Fontana (Sri Damini Ma) Italy lead a group of Italians on a spiritual tour to India in August 2010

 Her comments and that of her group members are mentioned

Wonderful and enjoyable staying…… Too short to experience to the fullest. Delicious food, spiritual attitude and beautiful atmosphere. I will come back soon

Laura Conti Italy

This has been the first night of peace and tranquility, I have spent in India. I am happy to have known you and this paradise. You have made me feel in peace with myself and the universe. Thank you for your wonderfull food and spiritual moments. It has been a wonderful experience and thank you for the light that shines in your eyes. You are so sweet and strong. In the mean time I will remember you and take you in my heart.

De Benedittis Alessandro Italy

During our journey, it is necessary to stop for some honey for the soul. God is smiling and me too.

Grignolio Roberta Italy

Thank you so much for your hospitality. This place is wonderfula nd peaceful. Thank you.

Enrica Dubini Italy

It was the first moment of rest and silence after one week of tiring travelling. Thanks for the food, healthy and delicious and for the arti puja. I will take all these experiences with me in my heart.

Maria Biasin Italy

For me this experience is very interesting. Peace in my soul, very good food and very good stay. The satsang and puja very beautiful. Thank you

Italian group led by Monica Fontana

Jennifer Earl  Australia Jennifer Earl [] Jennifer is a dietician as well as a management person, who quit her banker’s job in London in August 2009′ and was here till late December to understand Vedic values, belief systems and the role of Ayurveda in wellness.

‘The past five months have been one of the best experiences and times of my life.. No words can even begin to decribe how grateful and blessed I feel for this special time here with you all at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre.’

Jennifer Earl

Rebecca Munn UK

Rebecca was here from June to November 2009′ Though she came here for a quiet solitary retreat, she took keen interest in what we had to offer and studied with us, which she now has added to her existing knowledge of healing practices.

‘This is to say the most enormous Thank you for everything. It’s not easy to express in mere human words just how I feel and the depth of my appreciation.

I am so very blessed to have found myself a home in this most sacred place with such beautiful people and to have bben guided so expertly in this wonderful journey.

To you I am eternally grateful – for your truth, generosity, nature, skill, warmth and wisdom.

Wishiing you and Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, prosperity, peace and joy always.’

Rebecca Munn

Madeleine McClelland Melbourne Australia Madeleine McClelland [] was here in October and November 2009′ She is widely travelled and though she dons the corporate suit, she is also an avid craftsperson and is doing her bit in preserving ancient arts and crafts of the world.

‘ If you checked the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre website and had an instant intution you should come here, do not doubt for a second. I had no idea (and no expectations) of what might be in store for me, but now I feel amazingly blessed to have shared in the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre lifestyle. My holiday became an exploration of spirit, mind and body that gave me a precious awareness of life and the divine. I recommend Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre to anyone genuinely asking themselves ‘ what is the meaning of all this?’ and in fact to anyone who needs deep rejuvenation and solitude.’

Madeleine McClelland

Leana Kay Brown Sydney Australia [] Leana was here in July and August 2009′

She wrote: ‘From the deepest level of my heart I thank you for welcoming me and sharing such knowledge, grace and love. I hope to send over other people to also experience the enjoyment I have.

Shukl’acharya, I feel so happy and happy to have had teachings from you. Thank you for being a great teacher, loving and understanding person.

Leana Kay Brown

Jaqueline Maree George, Yoga Teacher NSW Australia 220 Soldiers Pt Rd, Salamander Bay, NSW Australia 2317. phonen +61 409
She was here from 18th April 2009 to 15th May 2009′ Her son Luke George is the famous motorcycle racing champion.

Being drawn to yoga and mediatation for a few years now, I was offered to teach the yoga classes in town and to take over from my local teacher as she planned to be abroad for a couple of years.
While I was happy to take up this offer, I felt I needed to bolster my knowldge and experience of yoga by taking up a proper training programme. I lloked up yoga centres in India naturally. Though Ipicked up Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre as it made the most sense to me, my well wishers were wary of my choosing a yoga centre simply based on the website and guest comments.
Having completed a month’s training programme, I wish to share my experience with others planning a trip to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, a place I fully recommend to anyone wishing to be there for any programme on offer. I assure you that you’ll be cared for whatever your need is, in the most comfortable, professional, caring and picturesque surroundings.
I knew my yoga teacher training programme was going to be more than just the basics Even before my arrival, any cocerns about he course or safety of travel were tken care of to the highest possible standard. The high level of personal care remained at all times during my stay, from food, comfort, education, wonderful staff and amazing nearby trips.I have only praise.
Shukl’acharya and Samrita took me in as part of their wonderful family. It is not just a livelihood for them, it is a way of life. They let you in their life with history, customs, endless knowledge going back thousands of years.
Yes, you go home very confident in your yoga asanas and knowledge of yoga to teach, Shukla Acharya makes sure of that, but also a small part of the ancent Vedic civilization goes home with you, which no money can buy.

Jaqueline Maree George

Nino Margvelashvili Bates, a journalist by profession, is widely travelled and leads the yoga class at the local YMCA in Calhoun, Georgia USA. She was at The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre for an intensive yoga retreat from 13th to 20th June 2008′
“India is a fascinating country, but a first time visitor can be discouraged and frustrated by the prevailing chaos on the roads and markets. But the view of the magnificient Taj Mahal and experience of Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre living at The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, Bhimtal, Himalayas will let those first impressions fade away.
If Taj is a must see, so is the experience at Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre for every visitor to India..
The Retreat is clean and has an unusual construction, thanks to one of the many talents of its founder , Shukl’acharya (Shri Pulak Ranjan Shukla.)
The staff is amazingly friendly and makes you feel right at home.
For my future trips to India, Taj and The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre would be the only two spots on my travelling list and worth showing to my son.”

Nino Margvelashvili

Wendy Billie, former Director Training at Pfizer, Washington, USA. She was at The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre from January 17th 2008 to February 17th 2008, for the Yoga Teacher & Vedic Lifestyle Counsellor Training programme.
“When I discovered the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre during an email search, I intuitively felt it was the perfect place to pursue my yoga teacher training. And even before my arrival to India, the sincerity of communication I received from the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre validated my intuition.
I was not only welcomed as a guest at the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, but soon I realized that the yoga training immersed me into a new lifestyle and I felt at home and comforted in this Northern India retreat.
I was fortunate in that I received intense spiritual training into the ancient traditions of yoga and ayurveda by the owner and guru of the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre;.
So, whether I was giving thanks and praise to the sun during morning yoga in the rose garden, cooking in the kitchen with the staff as we jointly prepared meals that were best for my unique body constitution, or when I was receiving blessings from an elderly man who became known as the “feather healer”…each moment I cherished and learned ways to find my inner peace and strength.
The members of the staff touched my heart with their kindness and the yoga training I received reenergized my soul and it was during this experience that I felt healthier and more spiritually awakened than I had in years. At different times in life, we all realize the importance of peace and I recommend the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre to anyone who wants to not only wants to become certified in yoga training, but who is willing to step out of their normal routine and work with a yogi and staff that teaches you ways to make peace a part of each day by honoring and respecting your body, mind, and spirit. Om Shanti. “

Wendy Billie

Susan Shaw UK
Susan is a highly reputed fashion designer whose works are sold in leading malls and retail outlets like Walmart etc.
She took time from her busy schedule shuttling between LA , Europe and Asia to have an individual yoga retreat at The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, Bhimtal, Himalayas – July – August 2007.
‘The location is amazing, the food incredible and the service gracious and attentive. The 10 day customized yoga and breath work (pranayama) retreat was so different from anything i have experienced before, leaving me feeling balanced and happy.
Since returning to “normal life” i have continued the practice worked out for me by Shukl’acharya (Shri Pulak Ranjan Shukla.)
, and have been able to maintain my equilibrium in a crazy out of balance world. if you’re looking for a peaceful place to unwind and recharge this is definitely the spot. i recommend it very highly.

Susan Shaw

Valerie Moselle a senior yoga teacher from California USA, had visited with her husband Nicholas while the latter was on a brief assignment with Sapien Technologies, India in 2006.

One of the biggest challenges for us in India was finding peace in the bustle and toil of this amazing and unusual place.  There seem to be few stops where one can actually step into the beauty and complexity of India’s kaleidoscopic heritage without also being bombarded by the noise, congestion, garbage, pollution, and often well-meaning but invasive (by Western standards anyway) trades-people.  Thanks to the care and vision of Shukl’acharya and Samrita, The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Bhimtal was just the thoughtful and peaceful refuge we were aching for.  For us it was the perfect place to unwind from the hectic nature of our other travels.  The surrounding mountains are lush and beautiful.  There is green everywhere.  The Retreat is situated up off the roadside where the air is clean, and its terraced orientation, broad porches, and architectural design make it comfortable and breezy, with every room oriented to the view of the valley below and the mountains opposite (including Hairakhand Kailash).  The rooms are simple and clean, with an Indian feel and Western comforts.

Upon our arrival we were greeted with sweet holy basil tea and invited to relaxed on the terrace and take in the view.  Later we enjoyed Ayurvedic massage treatments, and a walk around the small lake in Bhimtal.  Hosted by Shri Murli Mohan Shukla we were given insight to the spiritual and historical significance of the concept behind the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre as well as invited to participate in some of the Vedic rituals, including the Agnihotra.

One of the things that is most memorable about Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre is the food.  Samrita’s Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre kitchen serves healthy, fresh, deliciously prepared cuisine.  The meals are light and satisfying, as well as being in line with the values of Ayurvedic food preparation for health and vitality.  My favorite was the rice pudding, bathed overnight in the light of the full moon.

I would not hesitate to recommend this retreat for individuals or groups traveling in India.  Especially for those seeking yoga, and physical or spiritual rejuvenation.

Thank you so much for your hospitality, care and attention. We appreciate all of the effort that has gone into creating this peaceful place.

We return home rested and happy.

Sincerely, Valerie Moselle along with husband Nick, and daughter, Poppy.

Valerie Moselle California

Eva and Thomas Kille Germany

Thomas is in the sports equipment international business.

My husband and me are Indian lovers. In the middle of june 2007 I traveled for the first time alone through India because it was my sincere wish to find a place where I was able to relax and to find to myself. I was also very much interested to start with Yoga and meditation.

Through a very good friend from Goa I have found the place and I can’t describe with words how lucky I am to have stayed there.

The way how I was treated here was wonderful. I have really enjoyed every minute of my stay. All the members of the Shukla family are so wonderful people and during my trip I have not only learned the first steps of meditation and yoga, I also got a deep understanding of Indian culture. On top of that I loved the food and I will never forget the time which we have spent together while cooking. After 12 days there I came home like a new born human being and I would like to pass my thanks again for such a wonderful trip.

The way how Shukl’acharya has taught me was unbelievable and I was proud to work with such a guru. Shukl’acharya (Shri Pulak Ranjan Shukla.)

you are a hero and I am promising you that I will continue in the way I have learned it from you. Being back in Germany my thoughts are still with you and I am already looking forward to come again to your place.

I will never forget my stay. Thank you so much.

Eva and Thomas Kille Germany

Akshaya Saxena from Adobe India

Period of stay- 29th Sept to 1st Oct 07 – Nature Retreat Package
Overall: A beautiful place, well mannered staff, helpful service and above all a great concept in tourism.
Best part is food here. Good homely food – the way we prefer.
Clean rooms and Dinning area
East Facing rooms are the most marvellous place we have stayed in. It was nice to see sunrise in front of us daily.
Love sitting in the dinning + the soothing music is a refreshing change.
Suggestions: A good place. Promote it more. People would love the concept you guys are promoting. Best of luck
His blog mentions of his experience

Akshaya Saxena

Petra Franz, Mohna Jolly, Benjamin MacNeille
(Cologne, Germany )Petra works with Taschen publishing house in Germany Mohna Jolly practices architecture in England. 
17th July to 19th July 2007
Very relaxing atmosphere. Very friendly staff and good service. Perfect arrangement.
The food was very good and the massages excellent.
Zwar liegt das Retreat direkt an der Strasse, aber die wunderschoene und entspannte Atmosphere dieses Ortes laesst einen diese dirket vergessen. Das Essen ist hervorragend und wunderschoen angerichtet, die Stimmung wunderbar und die Massagen sehr empfehlenswert

Petra Franz, Mohna Jolly, Benjamin MacNeille

Claudia and Thomas (Germany) 
We had a very nice and wonderful stay here in Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre.. The meals were the best we got during our 2 weeks trip through India. The massages were great! The nice service of the staff was amazing.
In German language remarks by Thomas, ` Das Essen was Das Beste anf des ganzen Reise. Und dos wasser hier das sauberste.`

Claudia and Thomas (Germany)

Adrienne Angel
6053 Mayflower Hill Waterville Maine o4901 USA 
” My experience with Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre has been better than I could have imagined.. I have nothing but compliments for everyone here. … they made my stay the best it could be. Thanks- a- million.”
Email message on 16th March 2006′
Hi there,
Although I spent 5 weeks in India, my favorite part of the trip is my time at The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre. I recommend it to anyone looking for an oasis to escape to. I found The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre to be a beautifully serene place to both relax and grow in.

Thank you,

Adrienne Angel 6053 Mayflower Hill Waterville Maine o4901 USA

Joanna:from New York, had come to India to study opportunities in the tourism sector
“The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre is a quiet sanctuary located at the edge of the Himalayan town of Bhimtal , 300 Kilometers North East of Delhi . This Retreat faces east and its construction fuses itself with one of the peaks, creating a very natural feel.
The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre method is a spiritual practice that this Retreat implements in its food, philosophy and technique. Although there is room for long explanations, a sufficient description would entail simplicity. Food is prepared lightly in order to maintain the savor and integrity of the basic ingredients (i.e. minimal spice and oil). Exercise is an essential, since in order to achieve wellness of mind one must first achieve wellness of being. There is a common room for yoga and meditation and yoga instruction is available by prior arrangement.

Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre offers a uniquely Indian spiritual experience. Guests are welcomed as members of a family. The Retreat manages to renounce extravagances yet fulfill the comfort level of travelers.
No Alcohol or tobacco is available or encouraged here. “

Joanna:from New York

Tracy Mel & Carol Mathisen
Mel Tracy, dentist from Vancouver. Carol Mathisen, cpa –They were on a paid RCI holiday at a four star category hotel in, Bhimtal, which they sacrificed to shift to The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre

“We came upon this Retreat by chance only, as we were looking for somewhere to have lunch and the cabman let us off across the street.
After having a wonderful lunch, we immediately decided to leave our hotel and spend our remaining time in Bhimtal here – and it was our best decision !
The food and service was spectacular, the rooms were so pleasant and clean, and the views serene and peaceful and lovely.
Our only regret is that we didn’t have more time to spend at this Retreat, but we would love to return at some later date.
Thank you to the staff and the owners.”

Tracy Mel & Carol Mathisen

Andre Bougard of Spain is a principal of scuba diving colleges in various parts of the world.
“After the drive from Delhi, arriving here is like coming home.
The warm welcome, personal attention and loving feeling of its owners warms your heart right away.
This affection also reflects itself in the design of the rooms and gardens, which you will not see very often.
I see this place as a perfect place to seek tranquility, introspection and spiritual guidance.
I consider myself lucky to have been able to come here.
Thank you.”
Andre Buogaard

Andre Bougard of Spain

Dirse Zoe:
Zoe Dirse from Toronto, Canada. Zoe is a highly reputed documentary film maker and widely traveled. She has come to India twice on work related travel.
“How blessed am I to have found this magical place! What good fortune fell upon me to have guided me to these stupendous mountains? I have spent a glorious week here, where my soul, spirit and body have been rejuvenated.
Under the guidance of Shukl’acharya and Samrita, I have discovered a very special essence of India.
All was wonderful. Ambience, food, atmosphere, teachings, the view, the excursions, the staff, the hosts.
I could not have hoped for a better stay.” Zoe

Dirse Zoe: